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Rwanda: Congolese refugees in Kiziba camp denied to commemorate the 22nd Feb 2018 massacre

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Young refugee with victims photos

Information from Kiziba camp in Karongi district confirms the cancellation of commemoration of one year’s massacre perpetrated against Congolese refugees in Kizaba camp 22nd February last year. This comes after security service of Rwanda was acknowledged the preparation of commemoration event by youth refugees. More than 15 innocents were killed in bloodshed and many other disappeared until now no one knows whereabouts. The cause of killing was only demonstration claiming food diminution, after many hours of gathering in front of UNHCR headquarter. Rwanda police came and short unidentifiable. Some were dead at place other in hospitals.

Situation was becoming worst few months after when security agents had kidnapped and later brought in police station all members of refugees committee and influential refugees accused of resistance against state authority and organization of demonstration. After killing, survivors had requested repatriation but government declined instead they were treated as enemies of country deserving harassment and intimidation. It was reported that some of them were tortured and forced to accused the follows, until now no justice has been done for them. They are denied justice and being incarcerated for exercising their basic rights. Next week marks one year of massacre without justice and responsible of killing enjoys life in Rwanda. Those who has organizing that event were warned by security agents imprisonment or even killed if they continue the preparation. It’s traumatic for refugees that the government has denied commemoration of innocent people. Among the victims, there is one baby.

By Prosper B. Baseka

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